Smoothie recipes:

Smoothies are so easy and quick to make. They're also healthy and great snacks or breakfast. Here's my two favourite ones. 

Smoothie number one:
Whey protein (chocolate or vanilla): 40g
Peanutbutter: 40g
Blueberrys: 50g
Frozen banana
Rice milk: 200-250ml

Smoothie number two:
Half avocado
Frozen spinach: 100g
Frozen mango: 100g
Frozen rasberrys: 50g
Frozen banana
Rice milk: 200ml



Basic training split what I've used a lot! 

1. Chest/shoulders/biceps

2. Back/triceps/traps

3. Legs

You can do this three days and then keep a rest day or do it two time in a row and then keep a rest day. Either way you end up hitting you body parts more than ones a week which is good for the gains!