Hi there!

My name is Ap and fitness has been in my life for many years now but it wasn't always like that.

I was active and doing a lot of sports when I grew up but then in the high school everything kind of changed and I started to drink a lot and not doing sports or pretty much anything anymore. I was in deep depression and it's sad to say that there's some years which I don't  remember much. 

Around 20-21 I started to get into lifting quite a lot. I started watching others on youtube and search information about training, nutrition and just really fell in love with the whole fitness lifestyle. The gym or any physical activity just makes all areas of your life so much better. I started lifting because I wanted to look better but why I've kept going to the gym after all these years is that I know it improves me as a person. 

My life has improved so much because of the lifting and I've found it to be my passion. That is why I want to help other people to achieve their goals because I know how it is to be at the bottom and how hard it can be to start something new. I also know if you starting out there's so much information and it can be hard to figure out what is relevant. 


Just get in contact with me and I will promise to do everything to making your life even better!